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5 Interesting Facts About The Beauty of Life

Life is like a journey, there are curves, bends, hurdles and obstacles in the path of life. But it takes determination to push on. It’s full of ups and downs, and still comes with happy moments. A writer once said, “Life is not a bed of Roses” there are thorns in the garden of life but don’t let them choke you. Life is like a tunnel but at the end of it there’s  a light. To go through every phase of life there’re some interesting facts you need to know; follow me as we go through “5 Interesting Facts About Life“.

 1.   Life Is A Teacher

Every phase in life comes with a lesson, life teaches us diverse lessons we may be unaware of. Learning is one key in life and if we fail to learn from our day to day experiences in life, if we fail to learn from others who lived before us, if we fail to learn from the experiences of others. If we fail to learn from our mistakes and past experiences we may end up, repeating and going in the same cycle every year.

It’s said that, the day you stop learning you start dying. Both the good and bad phases and states in life is worth learning from. A teacher once said, in every nonsense there’s a sense; so take the sense- and leave the non-

Life is indeed a teacher, the more we live the more we learn.

2.   Life Is Not Fair

Ye, I can hear someone just say, you just spoke my mind. Life has been so unfair, everything isn’t working the way I plan. Things always go wrong with me.

Listen, you are not the only one going through what you’re going through in life

You’re not alone in this World, people may not always be there for you or with you but always know you’ll never walk alone. Have you ever thought of this, that it’s mostly in our lonely moments, depressed state, in the midst of the storms of life; that great ideas are birthed.

You’ve got to:

·        Change your attitude towards Life, if you keep saying life is not fair, trust me it will never be fair. Everything in the world has ears; Nature does, so it gives you what you say. So get up, stand up and be the change you want to experience/see in life.No one will make it happen for you, you are the only one that can make it happen for yourself.


3.   The Higher You Go The Thougher It Becomes

Life isn’t slowing down for you. So if you need to take a break fine; there’s no problem take all the time cry out your eyes, think over your past, mourn the situation. But trust me, you don’t have all the time to live life mourning over your past and losses. What ever happened, has happened; I know right now you will say, you don’t have an idea of what I’ve been through/ What I’m going through. Sure I may not have an Idea. Now let me ask; do you have an idea of what others are going through, there’re thousands of people going through similar and even worst traumas/situations than you but still choose to Live and go on.

Tough moments comes but tough moments don’t last; Only tough people do.

And trust me, it’s not getting any easier, it gets tougher everyday. Every tough, rough/hard situation you encounter in life will either Make You or Break You, they will either Build You or Destroy you. The ball is in your court to choose what you want to make out of what ever you go through. But do know this you were not built to break, and even if you get broken in the process; pick up the pieces of your life and move on because Life waits for no one, life goes on.

4.   Everything You Go Through In Life Is for A Reason

sometimes you may not figure it out when you are desperate for an answer but later on; you’ll get to understand why it happened, later on you get to fix the puzzle and say thank God it happened.

You’ll get to understand that all you went through was to make you stronger, bigger better. It happened to prepare you for something  mega, it happened so you could have a story to tell, so that you can liberate others going through similar situation you went through. The good, bad, Ugly, worst, past, mistakes, failures is what made you the Lady/ Man you’ve become. It’s what gave you the boldness to Face life, Confront your Fears and Conquer your Battles

Note: Someday that Pain Would be Useful.

5.   People Will Always Walk Away From Your Life

In life I’ve come to understand that people come, and people go only few stay. I’ve discovered that People come into our lives for the 3 reasons:

·        A Reason

·        A Season

·        For Life

I may not go into the above reasons in details but I will, in our next edition of Facts about Life.

At every point in ones life, people either come or leave. But I will focusing on those that leave, because sometimes when certain people we least expects walks away from our lives or leave without a tangible reason/ a goodbye, it hurts like hell and seems like our world has fallen apart. I want us to realize this that people will always leave, when their time in our lives is up. That’s the more reason we should figure out/ know why people come into our lives.

Like T.D Jakes would say; So we don’t keep trying to raise the dead, we’ve got to know when it’s dead, we’ve got to learn to let go.

Joyce Meyer, in one of her Conferences made a striking point, she said, “Life is like a bus, and at every point in time, when some persons get to their bus stop, they’ve got to drop and the journey continues” it’s same with us people will always leave , when the arrive at their bus stop.

You know why, they have a destination just like you  do and not everyone is heading towards your destination.

T.D Jakes also mentioned in one of his videos; about the three kinds of people you’ll meet in Life, they are:

·        Your Confidants

·        Your Constituence and

·        Your Comrades

In our Next Edition on Life Series, I’ll be going into details of the Reasons people come into our Lives and the 3 Kinds of people you’ll meet in Life.

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