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5 Steps To Increasing Your Financial Status



Are you fed up with living a stagnant life?

Are you tired of depending on your job/employee to survive?

Are you having issues with managing your finance?

Do you find it difficult starting up a business with the cash at hand?

Are you tired of setbacks while thriving to succeed?

Come along, as we take through: 5 Steps  to Financial Upgrade


Stephen Akintayo said, in one of his Conferences in Port Harcourt; “Success is not an Option, It is the only option”.

Until you view success from this perspective your life remains, in a standstill year in year out. You live doing same thing every day, same routine, same job, same circle of influence, same network of friends, same mentality, and you are moving but not progressing. Sometimes you feel it’s just a dream and pray it will just end but , its It’s time to wake up and take responsibility for your life, a writer once said that 21st Century madness is: “Doing the same thing and expecting different result”. It’s time to step up your game, stay tuned as we take you through the different Steps to Upgrade financially.

  1. SPEED: People always fix money as the focus/aim/priority; it’s not a crime to do so. But if making money is the first on your mind, you may quit so soon. You know why, not all investments or businesses yield profit immediately, some take years depending on the Location, Marketing strategy, niche market etc.


The best approach is to chase Value than chasing money. How does it work?

Everyday people seek for Solutions and answers to problems=Value

By rendering the desired solution to them, you are adding Value to their lives;

As you do so money backs it up.

So it goes like this: “Chase Value and Money will Chase You”

The money comes from the man in search of the Value you have, the faster you chase value (Speed) the faster the money follows. The Irony is, those who should be chasing Value the most are the ones chasing away the sources by chasing after money.


  1. DIRECTION: This more important than speed, No matter how fast you are running, if you are running in the wrong direction, you won’t end up successful.

But even if you are running on a slow pace in the right direction, you’ll definitely hit the success button. *Sit down *Count the Cost *Plan.

When you have a Plan, you’ll have a specific direction.



  1. COACHING: You can never go farther than those coaching you, because your coach is a picture of your future. Have Financial Mentor/Coach, who you can trust with your finance. Someone who has attained business heights or accomplished your dream goals that can guide you through the process of success. Counsel you on the kind of business you could start with the money you have, kind of investment to engage in, business plan, business strategy, laws of business, risk s in business, targets etc. When you have a Financial Mentor/Business Coach, it’s easier to spend and channel your money and resources in the right business field.


  1. RELATIONSHIP: Who are your cycle of influence? I mean who are your friends? Who do are the people, you spend time with? The kind of persons we have in our lives, influences our thought pattern, approach towards life, business and mindset. It’s said that, “Your Company determines what accompanies you”. You can’t grow, think, and move above the level of the set of friends you keep. So detach yourself from relationships that aren’t adding value to your life, associate with people who are purpose driven, share similar dream, goal, vision and passion with you (Likeminds). Keep Company with those in support with your Project and celebrate your progress. Some of them may not have physical cash to support you with, but have a multi-million idea.


  1. ENTREPRENEURSHIP MENTALITY: Financial Upgrade starts from the Mind, until you’ve conceived on upgrading financially in your mind you cannot attain it. Let’s take a look at this analysis in business world:
    • Employee: Those under this category are being employed, therefore their Financial Income is limited, they can’t earn higher than their employer. They sometimes have to wait till the end of the month, before executing their plans, budget and projects especially if they have no other source of income.
    • Self Employed: This is a bit better than the above; here the individual owns a business, runned, managed, sourced and maintained by him. It’s more like a one man business; the business is dependent on their commitment and attitude to it. But the disadvantage is if they are either out of town, fall ill, or breaks down the business is affected.
    • Business Owner: Own a business that works for him, he could go about his daily life, go on tours, and engage in other activities while the business is working for him. This stage is one built over time, so it didn’t just happen. It takes investing, sacrificing, risk taking commitment, improvising, building, trainings etc. Such person should probably have other businesses he has invested in for years; as such he only monitors the progress of the business while people do the job.
    • Investor: As an investor, it’s your money that does the working for you. There’re so many things you could invest in Forex, Shares, Stock, Land and property This is what differentiates the rich from the poor.

The Rich send their money on errands =Invest

They invest in Assets

While the poor invest in liabilities.

The poor stock their money in the bank, while the rich loans from the money the poor saves to invest in their businesses.


Going through the above analysis, you’ll see that the last class supersedes the others and the 3rd rank higher than the other two. So the question is which category do you fall under? Or which do you aspire to attain, that’s the “Entrepreneurship Mentality” am talking about.

Do you want to end up as An Employee: Just have a job

Or Self employed: Just Own a job

Business Owner: Own a business that works for you

Investor: Money works for you.


So far, I hope your mind is rejuvenated, to taking a bold step. You can leave a question or  comment on what you learnt and share to a friend, family or colleague.








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