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I don't See APC Winning Elections In Rivers State Unless-Anabs Sara

Chief Anabs Sara-igbe, the spokesman of  Pan Niger Delta Forum, has called on the gladiator of the All Progressive Congress (APC) in Rivers State  embrace Peace, Reconciliation, Forgiveness and Unity of the Party, inorder to win the forthcoming general election in favour of the Party in Rivers state.

In an interview with theportcitynews, Chief Igbe said he senses danger ahead  in the 2019 forthcoming  general elections except the Party (APC)  embraces and deploy these five principles:

  • Peace;
  • Reconciliatìon
  • Forgiveness
  • Unity and
  • Mass mobilisation

Chief Igbe said:

“I don’t see how APC can win elections in Rivers State without embracing and applying the above principles.
I can say assuredly that most of the Aspirants in the State cannot win elections unless there is a concerted effort to restore genuine peace, reconciliation, forgiveness and unity. There must also be a mobilisation of the people of the state for the forthcoming general elections against the incumbent administration in the state.

Sara-Igbe noted that the leadership of the party in the state has become a major problem for the party saying that the party leaders have turned to semi-gods.

“The first move toward achieving the above goals must be made by the leaders of the Party who are evidently a major part of the problem.

“The main purpose of Politics is to serve the people, and our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ demonstrated this when he washed the feet of his followers, which illustrates that the leaders must be servants unto the people, like a shepherd to sheep.

“However, in the case of APC in Rivers State, the leadership has turned into semi-gods or demigods in their own sight who must be worshipped and obeyed by all. Instead of correcting the injustices and appealing to those who were offended, we condemn, insult, ridicule and despise them, telling them to either go to hell or leave the Party.

“How then can we achieve the required peace, reconciliatìon and forgiveness that will unite us and enable us to carry out the massive mobilisation across the state? This, I think ought to be a concern to all of us.

Chief Anabs Sara-igbe, the PANDEF spokesman also pleaded with social media fans of APC to minimize their insults on opponents; as  insulting opponents will only reduce the chances of the party winning in 2019 election.

He said:

“Let me also use this medium to appeal to the social media fans in APC, whose stocking trade is to rain abuses on opposing views. You must have a rethink and change of behaviour if truly we all want the Party to win the forthcoming 2019 general elections in the state.

“Finally, let me advise that no ethnic nationality or Aspirant can win the elections single-handedly without the support of others. We need one another to win the election and to give the state good governance.

“In view of the above, I have started talking to some of the gubernatorial aspirants and they have thankfully seen reason with me to talk to each other in the interest of the Party and the state”  Chief Anabs Sara-igbe said.

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