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Are You Having A Hard time making Sales for your products and services ?

Sales is as simple as selling your products or services at a profitable price.

People often see sales as a difficult task but i think it’s the easiest task to do, all you have to do is change your perception and embrace it.

How I became a badass Sales Girl

It all started at childhood, i would sell just anything from vegetables, fish, season fruits and bread. I enjoyed the act of negotiation at the age of six(6), when i will go sell vegetables among other kids who sell vegetables as well. I understood the power of Extra Mile as I would offer to peel and wash the vegetables as at then. This extra mile strategy made me the sort after Vegetable Girl.

        7 Secrets of Sales

  1. Sell everywhere you go. It’s your business , you should talk about it everywhere as this helps you improve your sales skills overtime.
  2. Set your sales goal and keep it SMART (Smart, Measurement, Achievable, Realistic and Timely).
  3. Right pricing. Ensure you sell within the market price range. Always check for market trends and tweak your sales strategy to suit the trend.
  4. Take great pictures of your products and share always to different platforms. Thank God we have good phone cameras, so even if you cannot afford a professional photographer, take good pictures with your phone.
  5. Utilise Social media. Look out for where your customers reside on social and maximise your these platforms. Use WhatsApp Status as a marketing tool as 70% of online sales are sealed on whatsapp.
  6. Develop Excellent Customer Service. Apply the Extra-Mile rule here to ensure your customers are satisfied with your service delivery.

Ask for customer feedback and reviews. Then share them on your social media platforms.


Join online groups and be relevant. By relevance i mean share educative and informational post about your area of expertise.





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