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Police Sergeant-Why I Stabbed My Husband

Mrs. Folake Ogunbodede, Female Police Sergeant who was accused of stabbing her husband, has said she did it to defend herself.

This happened on Sarturday; as he result of a fight between she and her husband Inspector Taiwo , an officer attached to the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority  (LASTMA).

Inspector Taiwo, was said to have stabbed his wife beside her neck and close to her eye.

Eyewitnesses said, it was not the first time Inspector Taiwo, would beat up his wife.

It was reported thst he threatened her with a knife or broken bottle whenever he was drunk.

Sergeant Folake, the mother of three had been asked severally by her family members to leave the marriage but she refused because of her children. A source close to the family said.

“That report online was so unfair to the police woman. It was a one-sided story. The truth is that her husband is also a policeman. He’s an Inspector, and attached to LASTMA.

“They have been married for long and they have three children. The man always beats her whenever he’s drunk. He doesn’t just beat her but uses any object closeby to hit her.

“There was a time he stabbed her on her breast and mouth. His drinking habit is one of the issues that usually caused problems between them.”

“He was the one who broke a glass and stabbed her. He stabbed her near her eye and by the neck. He pinned her to the ground, and in order to safe herself, she picked a splinter of the broken glass and stabbed him.

“That was how she fled the house to the police to report herself. That is actually what happened,” she said.

However, the report online insinuated the woman’s attack on her husband was planned.

Based on the report, the couple had a disagreement and the man left the house to allow things calm down.

It noted that that Mrs. Folake Ogunbodede warned him not to return home but he still returned home, he had nowhere else to sleep.

“He returned home late last night (Saturday), thinking that his wife would have calmed down, only for Folake to start stabbing him.

“But for the timely intervention of neighbours, she would have killed him, as he was lying motionless at the time of his rescue. Folake has since fled while Taiwo is battling for survival at the hospital he was rushed to,” the report stated.

Chike Oti , spokesman for the command said the case was under investigation.


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