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Woman Beats 6-Year Old Boy For Misplacing His
Guardian brutalizes young boy for misplacing his exercise books


Children are very fragile and tender sets of individuals, who are easy to flow with and could sometimes be difficult to understand. Considering the fact that they are young and tender they are prone to always make mistakes, besides; mistake is natural as even adults do so. When dealing with children, a high sense of wisdom should be applied. So as not to make them see life from the wrong perspective, as whatever happens to them at childhood stage affects their mindset as they grow.

A six-year old  boy was deeply injured after being  maltreated by his guardian in Benue state.

Following reports, the young boy was brutally beaten by his guardian who brought him from the village to stay with her in Benue State.

Report has it that; the guardian was angry with the boy for misplacing his exercise books at the school and so, she decided ‘ to teach him a lesson by punishing  him in a brutal way.


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